All of the lists below are for 100 guests.

Adjust the amounts accordingly for more or less guests and for any specialty drinks or a particular theme you have in mind for the bar (i.e. a martini bar, for example, or a theme involving a lot of tropical drinks, which typically call for more and various types of rum). These amounts provide for the general varieties of commonly made drinks at an open bar. 

Hard Liquor

Hard Liquor (1 liter size) Optional Hard Liquor
2 vodka1 tequila
2 gin1 brandy
2 light rum1 Kahlua
1 bourbon whiskey1 Baileys
1 scotch whiskey1 Amaretto
1 rye or blended whiskey1 Grand Marnier
 1 cognac


Wine & Beer

4-6 bottles white wine
1 bottle rose
4-6 bottles red wine
1 case regular beer
1 case lite beer

Soda & Mixers

Soda Mixer
1 case Coca Cola or Pepsi1 small bottle Grenadine
1 case Diet Coca Cola or Pepsi1 bottle Sweet & Sour mix
(more if you plan on serving margaritas)
1 case 7up or Sprite1 bottle Triple Sec
1/2 case Diet 7up or Sprite1 bottle Bloody Mary mix
8 bottles tonic1 small bottle dry vermouth
12 bottles club soda1 small bottle sweet (red) vermouth
3 bottles ginger ale2 quarts orange juice
1 case sparkling mineral water1 quart grapefruit juice
 2 quarts cranberry juice
 4 pitchers of water
 1 small bottle Rose’s Lime

Note: 10 ounce bottles or 12 ounce cans are preferable.
Plastic one or two liter containers go flat very quickly after being opened.

Garnishes & Ice

Garnishes and Supplies Ice
12 limesFor 100 guests, you will need approximately 150 pounds.
You will need more if you plan to chill your beer and wine
on ice or if you will be serving blended drinks such as daiquiris
or margaritas. During warm months, increase ice by 25%.
12 lemons
1 jar maraschino cherries
1 jar olives
1 jar onions
300 cocktail napkins
300 ten ounce tumblers
100 stir sticks